Green digital transformation towards smart and sustainable manufacturing MSMEs in Central Serbia

Overall objectives: 

To contribute to the improvement of environmental sustainability and resilience of MSME’s in Central Serbia through green digital transformation of their business operations.  


45 MSME’s affirm, with concrete examples, that New ICT-solutions / energy efficiency improvement measures have contributed to the improvement of business performance or to the improvement of environmental sustainability and resilience.


  • Energy audits conducted for at least 5 MSMEs. Produced recommendations on the introduction of processes to improve resource efficiency and environmental management. 
  • Self-assessment questionnaire for least 30 SMEs on decarbonization potential of SMEs in Central Serbia. Report on the research/survey results including road map to achieve reduction of carbon emission produced.
  • At least 300 companies, through info days, conferences, social campaigns and published articles, educated about EU Green deal, legislation EU/Serbia, benefits and obligations of SMEs, how to reduce carbon footprint and environmentally friendly innovations and technologies.   
  • At least 5 companies with carbon reduction potential participated in the study visit.

Target group(s)

  • SMEs belonging to metal and ICT sector, cca 300 in Central Serbia. 

Beneficiaries (direct): 

  • At least 5 SMEs receiving individual support to improve resource efficiency and environmental management; 
  • At least 35 SMEs educated and informed about the EU and national strategies and directives on Green digital transition; 
  • At least 5 SMEs participated in the study visit to gain knowledge on Eco factories, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and solution for decarbonization.

Sources of funding

GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH)

Project leader

ICT Cluster of Central Serbia


July 1 2022 - March 31 2024