Training duration: 48 hours
Dynamics: three times a week in two hours of training
Lokacija: Business Innovation Center and KG Hub
Maximum number of participants per group: 10
Price: 21.000,00 RSD

Topics included in the course:

  1. Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
  2. Using editors in creating web pages (Notepad++ and alike)
  3. Building blocks in HTML and CSS
  4. Meta tags
  5. Correct writing and editing of the code
  6. The structure of making web pages
  7. Creating navigation
  8. Working with links and lists
  9. Creating and stylization of tables
  10. Inserting images and texts into web pages
  11. Forms and structure
  12. Formatting and stylization of the text
  13. Adding CSS stylization to HTML tags
  14. Adding videos and a Google map onto the website (embed)
  15. CSS tonal transitions, animations, transitions and transformations
  16. Code optimization for search engines
  17. Basics of raster and vector graphics (JPG, PNG and GIF)
  18. Preparing images and graphics for the web
  19. Flexbox & Multi-Column Layout
  20. Bootstrap CSS Framework
  21. W3C Markup Validation Service (Code Validation)
  22. Website behavior in different browsers
  23. Responsive Web Design
  24. Final project