In order to provide the best service to its members, ICT Cluster of Central Serbia pays great attention to networking and internationalisation, as well as to creating longterm partnerships. Through active work in domestic and international associations, Cluster is contributing to raising visibility, enabling better access to informtion and facilitating the search for partners to its compay members.

Balkan, Black Sea and Baltic ICT Clusters Network - 3B ICT

Balkan, Black Sea and Baltic ICT Clusters Network - 3B ICT is bottom up initiative that gathers most important clusters form ICT sector in this macro region. Currently, network gathers 16 organizations form 9 countries of Balkan, Black Sea and Baltic region. Its aim is to strengthen collaboration among clusters and increase the competitiveness of the sector on the global market.

ICT cluster of Central Serbia is one of the members of Balkan, Black Sea and Baltic ICT Clusters Network, and participates in its activities and projects.

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Digital SME Aliance

The importance of regional networking and Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters Network were recognized among EU organizations, especially European Digital SME Alliance, largest network of ICT SME in Europe. At the beginning of March 2016, BBS ICT Cluster Network becomes a member of this alliance that represents 20.000 ICT companies.

Membership in this alliance will provide more visibility on European level for all organizations in our network. Alliance is also actively involved in lobbing and EU regulations when it comes to SME’s form ICT industry.

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Serbian Cluster Association – SCAN has been created on the foundation of long-term cooperation of clusters in Serbia. As a national-level Association, SCAN will serve as a platform for cooperation among clusters, and will support creation of new cluster initiatives and their development. Building a partner network with national and international institutions, donor community, as well as creating platform for lobbying toward governmental structures, including business and academia, will certainly be some of the primary activities of the Association. The story about clusters is the story of comradeship, solidarity, focus, shared goals and success. SCAN intends to gather Serbian clusters around those values and inspire long-term efforts.

The seven clusters from different sectors are the founders of the Serbian Cluster Association:

  • Vojvodina ICT Cluster – VOICT
  • Autocluster Serbia,
  • ICT Network – ICT Net
  • Vojvodina Metal Cluster – VMC
  • Fashion and Apparel Cluster of Serbia – FACTS
  • Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies – NiCAT
  • ICT Cluster of Central Serbia.

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Through Serbian Cluster Association, ICT cluster of Central Serbia is a member of National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED). NALED is independent, non profit and non – political association of companies, municipalities and civil society organizations, which all together work on creating better conditions for living and working in Serbia. It gathers about 280 members, and its main activities are aimed to improveme business climate on national and local level.

Business Roaming agreement (Clusterize)

ICT cluster of Central Serbia is a part of Business Roaming agreement – BRA since July, 2017. Agreement represents exchange program where participants could use knowledge, networks and locations that other participating cluster can provide all over the world. This way, Cluster company members are enabled access to infrastructure and support of other agreement participants on more than 80 locations worldwide, for a set amount of time.

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ICT cluster of Central Serbia connects with partners which share our vision, and in synergy see potential for great development of IT industry. Througrh partnerships, we wish to build solid base for long-term collaboration, on wich we will work towards development of IT industry and region.

Serbian ICT Clusters

Cooperation of Serbian clusters from ICT industry has been made official by signig MoU. ICT clusters became a strategic partners that have mutual cooperation in fields of mutual interest, especially activities like lobbing, education, branding and positioning of ICT industry on national and international market. This informal network is composed of ICT cluster of Central Serbia, VOICT, ICT Net and NiCAT.

GIVE - Green Ict deVElopment

The GIVE partnership general objective is to build up strategic cluster partnership in the field of green smart technologies among the three industries: automotive, renewable energy and ICT.

The specific objectives are:

  • To create new value chain and favorable framework for establishment a sustainable cross-industry strategic cluster partnership in the field of green smart technologies by implementation of partnership building and collaboration activities.
  • To build up sustainable strategic cluster partnership based on development of GIVE internationalization and strategy and implementation road map.
  • To promote GIVE strategic cluster partnership and increase the online promotion of GIVE partners by implementation of identity shaping, communication, promotion and online social networks and media activities.

Results expected:

  • Assessment of potential areas of cooperation. The document will include recommendations on GIVE areas of cooperation and complementary among partners( technological, business, R&D and innovation). Internationalization readiness of cluster managers and SMEs, target markets outside Europe.
  • GIVE strategic document for internationalization
  • Promotion of GIVE partnership and establishment of a strategic communication plan
  • Creation of local GIVE communities

Member organizations:

  • Automotive Cluster Bulgaria
  • Automotive Cluster of Serbia
  • Hellenic Mobile Cluster
  • ICT Cluster of Central Serbia
  • ICT Cluster Plovdiv
  • MASIT - ICT chamber of commerce
  • Bulgarian ICT Cluster
  • Albanian ICT Association
  • Green Current Renewable Energetis and Innovation Cluster

IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije
IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije
IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije
IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije
IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije
IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije
IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije
IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije
IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije
IKT Klaster Centralne Srbije