PHP Basic Course

Training duration: 50 hours
Dynamics: three times a week in two hours of training
Lokacija: Business Innovation Center and KG Hub
Maximum number of participants per group: 10
Price: 30.000,00 RSD

Topics included in the course:

  1. History, basics and significance of PHP. LAMP / WAMP. Setting the environment
  2. Embedding PHP code into HTML. Syntax. Comments. Variables and types
  3. Operators. Commands for branching
  4. Repeat commands
  5. Conditional repeat. Break and Continue commands
  6. Strings. Functions for working with strings
  7. Dates and times
  8. Superglobal strings. Session. Cookies
  9. Form processing
  10. PHP and AJAX
  11. Functions
  12. PHP and object-oriented programming
  13. Working with files
  14. CSV, JSON and XML. Export-import of data
  15. Databases. Basic terms. MySQL
  16. Access to databases. Databases management tools
  17. PDO. Prepared statements. Transactions
  18. Regular expressions. Validation
  19. Error management. Try - Catch
  20. Debugging. Logging and reporting errors
  21. Application development: Database design
  22. Application development: Data manipulation
  23. Application development: Functionalities integration. Users
  24. Application development: Generating an interface
  25. Application development: Testing and managing errors