Cluster Academy is a project of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia Kragujevac Business Association aimed at developing professional skills of both employees and personnel needed at cluster member companies.

The indicator based on statistics shows that it takes 8 to 12 months to train a new employee, where such persons are unprofitable and present exclusive cost to the company in the first year. Thinking logically, we come to the conclusion that the ICT Cluster Academy is more than necessary to all of our members since they will obtain qualified personnel more quickly through trainings.

We are currently building the concept of the ICT Cluster Academy and we need assistance from all of our members in order for the Academy to be beneficial for everyone.

We need you to answer the following questions and based on your answers we will get the necessary information for the preparation and organization of trainings, courses that will be conducted at the ICT Cluster Academy.


  1. Which technologies do you use in your company?
  2. What kind of knowledge do you require from your personnel?
  3. How many trained personnel would you hire in the first year, and how many in a three-year period?
  4. Are you ready to participate in the training of candidates through the Cluster Academy and in what way?
  5. Would the Cluster have any financial obligation towards you?
  6. Which courses would you send your employees to?


Cluster Academy is an informal type of education and a project of the “ICT Cluster of Central Serbia” Business Association that occurs as a response to a turbulent and constantly growing IT industry, both globally and in Serbia. It was established to meet the needs of IT member companies of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia for qualified IT personnel that the current labor market lacks, and for the purposes of their development and progress of their business. On the other hand, the Cluster Academy intends to consolidate professional courses, trainings and practices for members of the Cluster as well, in order to provide quality knowledge they need to achieve higher levels of competitiveness in the national and international market of IT products and services.

Cluster Academy is at the early stage of development with a tendency to become an effective mechanism of informal education that will contribute to qualification and additional qualification of personnel aimed at the specific requirements of IT companies that are members of the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia.

Cluster Academy programs are aimed towards beginners in programming, who do not possess any prior knowledge, as well as to those active developers who want to continue to improve through advanced courses in various technologies, which are primarily used by members of the Cluster.

Currently, the Cluster Academy offers the following trainings:

  1. Training for beginners in programming – HTML5/CSS3
  2. Advanced training – Basics of Programming with JavaScript
  3. Advanced training - Angular
  4. PHP Basic Course
  5. Wordpress
  6. Junior IT Academy
  7. ISTQB Certified Tester – Taking the exam