Organized by the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia Business Association, Kragujevac.

The duration of the course for the youngsters is 3 weeks (2 x 2 school classes per week and 1 class in the form of a webinar) – at computer classroom of Business Innovation Center in Kragujevac.

The basic idea of this course is to introduce programming to children, through the formation, development, design, as well as the full development of the application itself and its testing.

HEJ TI AJ TI School of Ptrogramming aims include:

  • Teaching children how they can be creators of games, applications and animations, and not only their users, encouraging them to think analytically,
  • Improving their problem solving,
  • Motivating them to continue to be engaged with programming on their own after the course completion,
  • Work will be conducted in several groups according to different age and interests of children.

SCRATCH – Learn programming by making Scratch games

  • From 2nd to 4th grade of elementary school
  • From 5th to 8th grade of elementary school

APP inventor – the next course (Android programming)

  • From 5th to 8th grade of elementary school

WordPress – Learn how to make a micro Web site

  • From 5th to 8th grade of elementary school