5th edition of the .NET DeveloperDays conference is coming in September!


Programmers, architects as well as experts using the .NET platform in their work are going to meet for the fifth time in Warsaw EXPO XXI venue.

Most renowned experts from the IT sector, four simultaneously held themes and four all-day pre-cons. It is all waiting for the participants of .NET DeveloperDays – the biggest conference devoted to the .NET platform in the entire Central and Eastern Europe. 

New in the formula
For nearly five years, experts and programmers from all over the world have been coming to .NET DeveloperDays. Year by year, the organizers improve the quality of the event and suggest new solutions enhancing its attractiveness. This year, there will be a few new elements waiting for conference participants. For the first time, the sessions will be held simultaneously in 4 conference halls. Another new element is the theme hall offering one day devoted exclusively to the Xamarin technology and the second – to .NET Core! The next new idea consists in an organized expert zone, where each conference participant will have the occasion to talk with the invited experts in person and ask them whatever they find interesting. 

Who are the speakers?
Exceptional subject-related quality of the event will traditionally be ensured by the experts. Over 20 speakers from all over the world are going to share their knowledge. The organizers have already revealed some of the names. 
Among conference stars we can find Scott Hunter - Director of Program Management at Microsoft. He works on NET Core, ASP.NET, Entity Framework and online tools to Visual Studio. Tim Huckaby is another speaker, considered by the press as the “pioneer of Smart Client revolution”. Huckaby is professionally involved in such areas as: AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/MR, & Emerging User Experiences. For 35 years of his professional activity, he has been connected among others with Microsoft and cooperated with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Gill Cleeren (Microsoft Regional Director, Visual Studio MVP), involved in the development of networks and mobile devices, will take the floor again. He also conducts video trainings on the Pluralsight platform devoted to Xamarin technology. During .NET DeveloperDays he is going to deliver the presentation devoted to this topic. 

Among the speakers there are also: Wouter de Kort, Jiri Cincura, Michael Kaufmann, Christophe Nasarre and Alex Thissen

The conference and more
Within .NET DeveloperDays, all-day training sessions are also going to be held. On September 17th, Sasha Goldshtein, Daniel Marbach, Neal Ford and Shawn Wildermuth are going to conduct their own experts’ workshops concerning the subjects in which they specialize and for which they are appreciated.  What is important – for workshops you need to register separately and the number of participants is limited. 
A bonding event for all participants is planned to sum up the first conference day. 

All presentations are going to be delivered in English. Registration form together with all necessary information is available at http://net.developerdays.pl/. Follow the Conference facebook profile for news: https://www.facebook.com/DeveloperDays/
DATA MASTER is the organizer of the event. The company is also responsible for the production of Cloud DeveloperDays as well as Join! The Database Conference.

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