Call for Digital Transformation of SMEs in Serbia


ICT Cluster of Central Serbia became an Ambassador of “DigitaliseSME” initiative for Serbia

Last year, the EU continued to improve its digital performance, and the gap between the most advanced digital and LDC countries declined slightly (from 36 to 34 points). However, Serbia still has a long way to go, and the EU as a whole needs to improve its performance if it wishes to remain competitive on the world stage.

Serbian companies will be able to benefit from the digitalisation strategy and implementation services offered by DigitaliseSME, a European project founded by Iceberg alongside four other innovation hubs in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic:

Technology, strategy and digital transformation company in Romania and Eastern Europe, Iceberg launches the second "call for projects" of DigitaliseSME, a pilot project funded by the European Commission at the initiative of the European Parliament, to support the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises, as well as large enterprises in the EU Member States and in the associated eu countries.

We are happy to inform you that this second call is launched to enhance the digital transition of Serbia.

This pilot project will provide free technical assistance services in the digital transformation process for about 90 SMEs and large businesses. These services will be delivered by 120 "digital enablers" - digital transformation experts from across Europe to be selected by the project consortium members.

Companies in Eastern Europe are no longer in competition only with other companies in their own city or elsewhere in the country, but they are increasingly competing in a global market. To survive and thrive, they must understand and make best use of new technologies. This will enable them to digitize or even automate business processes, and develop new business lines through digital products and services. Thus, Digitalise SME aims to support companies wishing to take the first step in this process through the technical assistance services that a digital enabler can provide for the planning and implementation of a digital transformation project that responds to the enterprise's business strategy.

You can download Digital SME flyer HERE.

If you are a company that needs to implement a digitisation project or you are an individual expert or a company with recognisable expertise in assisting the digital transformation of businesses you can already register yourself through the following link:

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