ICT Cluster of Central Serbia became a partner of the Business Roaming Agreement - BRA


New services for Cluster members established through partnership with Business Roaming Agreement

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Internationalisation - Your free access to international infrastructures

ICT Cluster of Central Serbia is Partner of the Business Roaming Agreement (BRA) since June/2017 and is pleased to offer our cluster members, free access to infrastructure and cluster support in more than 80 different locations around the world. The coordinator of the BRA is the German partner CyberForum e.V. (www.en.cyberforum.de).

About Business Roaming Agreement

All participating partner organisations (clusters) will provide infrastructure (e.g. office space, local knowledge and introductions to members) for members of other partner organisations for a given period (max. 5 days) free of charge. For more information please visit: www.clusterize.org

Why utilise the Business Roaming Agreement

Do you regularly connect with foreign business partners and have repeated meetings in various cities across Europe or Internationally? Do you wish to develop new contracts in foreign countries? Take advantage of the local knowledge and personal contacts of cluster managers across the globe by utilising the Business Roaming Agreement! This service is exclusively available to members of ICT Cluster of Central Serbia to enable and facilitate your business abroad.

How can I access these additional services?

Suppose for example you would like to hold a meeting in Karlsruhe and you need some workspace or a conference room? Simply make contact directly with the local BRA-partner via email or phone, and they will support you on your request. Get access to hundreds of locations across the globe. The list and contact details for all affiliated partners and their locations can be found at: www.clusterize.org.

How much does this service cost?

Participation in the Business Roaming Agreement is free for members of ICT Cluster of Central Serbia. Please utilise the programme to make business connections across the globe. The Business Roaming Agreement works on a model of developing synergies through co-operation and facilitation among clusters. Moreover, frequent hosting of other partner’s members means more benefits accrue to your members and region.

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