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Another company recognized the importance of joint performances in highly competitive markets - Balance Consulting from Kragujevac

The importance of mergers and joint appearance was recognized by another company from Kragujevac: Balance Consulting. With years of experience in working with clients in a specific way, we welcome the Balance Consulting from Kragujevac, another company that recognizes the importance and potential of the IT sector in Central Serbia.

Balance Consulting started operating in May 2008 in Belgrade. It has been operating actively since April 2010 in Kragujevac. Balance Consulting was founded since it rests on the belief in personal change and that everyone has the potential needed to be developed. In addition, it wants to provide support to the companies in selecting the best personnel and in  the development of employees potential.

Balance Consulting team consists of psychologists with many years of experience in advisory and corporate work.

Clients with whom they have established a cooperation are located throughout the region: Serbia, Bosnia, Republic of Srpska, Montenegro...

More details of the company can be found on its website.

Welcome to the ICT Cluster of Central Serbia!

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