Participation of innovative companies from the territory of Šumadija and Pomoravlje at Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan


Regional Agency for Economic Development of Šumadija and Pomoravlje through realization of Project NEXT offers the possibility of innovative companies from the territory of Šumadija and Pomoravlje to take part in the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Mi

Regional Agency for Economic Development of Šumadija and Pomoravlje through realization of Project NEXT offers the possibility of innovative companies from the territory of Šumadija and Pomoravlje to take part in the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan, moreover to present and promote their products, improve their position in the international market, contact research - scientific institutions, potential investors, business partners and managers of leading companies in the world.

Within its scope of activities on the Project NEXT regions, Marche, a leading partner, participates in the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, which will be held 16 – 19 March and where project partners will be introduced.

Project NEXT is implemented by 11 partners in 6 countries: Italy, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Partnership in Serbia is established with Regional Agency for Economic Growth of Šumadija i Pomoravlje.

The event is open for companies that have developed a prototype ready for the market or that have already launched innovative-product / services / processes / technologies (innovation must be completely new or significantly modified existing product / service / process / technology).

If you are interested in presenting and promoting your innovation at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan, and at the same time have benefits through alliances with potential investors and strengthening the competitive position in the market, it is necessary to fill in the Company Self-Evaluation Template (which can be downloaded from the website of the Regional Agency).

Completed questionnaire and additional promotional material (if there is any) may be forwarded to Regional Agency electronically at:, until Tuesday 03/03/2015.

The submitted applications will be evaluated based on the criteria of relevance, feasibility and sustainability by the evaluation board.

Representatives of the two most innovative companies will have the opportunity to go to the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, while other innovations that meet the above mentioned criteria will be promoted by the Regional Agency through printed material, developed according to the submitted data and the accompanying promotional materials, during the stay in Milan at all anticipated events.

Regional Agency bears the following costs for all selected participants at the event in Milan:

  • Costs of air transportation and travel insurance
  • Hotel accommodation – three nights with breakfast
  • Participation at the event – (rented space for promotion, participation at Finance for Innovation Workshop, participation at NEXT Finance International Conference)
  • E-catalog promotion which will be distributed for participants by the organizers

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