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Regional Agency organizes a presentation of support program for further development of following companies - ENEF Fond and Consulting Support Program for Small and Medium Enterprises -

Regional Agency organizes a presentation of support program for further development of following companies - ENEF Fond and Consulting Support Program for Small and Medium Enterprises - SBS (Small Business Support).

The fund has been founded by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Union, European Investment Fund and German DEG Fund, and it has been aimed at financing of businesses with turnover up to 50 million euros, with up to 250 employees and assets to 43 million euros, with a potential for growth, in the form of direct equity investments in or through so-called quasi equity, that is, through instruments with characteristics of both debt and equity (convertible debt, preferred shares, mezzanine financing, subordinated debt, etc.). Total size of the fund is 77 million euros. Fund management is entrusted to EBRD.

Supporting Consulting Program for Small and Medium Enterprises in Serbia has been funded by European Union, with the amount of 3.5 million euros, and it has been implemented by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The program contributes to development of required techniques, abilities and know-how skills, in order for businesses to improve innovation skills, to attract investors, to gain related expertise and to become business leaders, through increasing competitiveness and productivity of the private sector in Serbia.

Program Presentation will be held on the premises of City Administration of Kragujevac, on Thursday, 3/12/2014.

The agenda can be downloaded HERE.

Kindly confirm your attendance before Tuesday, 3/10/2015.

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