ICT Academy, BIC, 4/28/2014


First training session within ICT Academy's Project was organized on 4/28/2014, on the premises of BIC computer center in Kragujevac.

Widening Programming Horizons

First training session within ICT Academy's Project was organized on 4/28/2014, on the premises of BIC computer center in Kragujevac. One-day training session of employees of “Singleton Solutions” and “Net Effect”, members of ICT Cluster of Central Serbia, was aimed at widening knowledge of highest quality software development.

ICT Academy's lecturer, Vesna Leonard Co-Founder & Co-CEO of worX4you inc. Canada, presented ideas of how to think in developer-user relation. Special attention was dedicated to software operation, in order to satisfy clients' requests as much as possible. In order for the final product of developers' work to be the best as possible, the software creator should not be the one to test it.

The teams working on software development, comprised of programmers and software engineers, do not have some of the skills of tester programmers.  Therefore, the description of their job is particularly focused on satisfying clients' needs. This training session widen the knowledge of its participants concerning user's approach to final product's usage. This has contributed to the reduction of product lead-time, as well as it contributed their approach to the process of software development to become more flexible.

 Specific methods and tools used in modern practice of software testing were presented. All of the mentioned techniques have been presented through specific jobs of “Singleton Solutions” and “Neteffect”, which was particularly highlighted, together with suggestions how to improve functionality of final product and therefore satisfy the customer in the best possible manner.

Maximally profiled final product provides the employees, and more importantly - the company, with an opportunity to reduce costs and the amount of time spent on software development, to increase the usage of the product in the market, and what is more, it increases the level of clients' satisfaction.

First ICT Cluster's Academy of Central Serbia was done with mutual satisfaction of lecturers and participants, it evoked new ideas of both parties and directed young programmers' thinking towards better functionality of their software.

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