ICT Cluster of Central Serbia in the Congress in Milan


From March 16th to 19th, ICT Cluster of Central Serbia participated in Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan, Italy

ICT Cluster of Central Serbia participated in Global Entrepreneurship Congress - GEC 2015 in Milan, Italy. Congress gathered representatives from over 100 countries, including Serbia.

Delegation from Kragujevac was led by Regional Agency for Economic Development of Šumadija and Pomoravlje, that participates in NEXT Project implementation within IPA Adriatic Program of European Union, whose one of the activities included participation in GEC 2015.

NEXT Project representatives, including ICT Cluster of Central Serbia had their own stand where the promoted NEXT Project, and each institution and organization had an opportunity to distribute it's promo material and to communicate with interested parties that participated in the congress.

This was an opportunity for ICT Cluster of Central Serbia to connect with entrepreneurs world-wide and to present its mission that is reflected in development of ICT Sector of Central Serbia and improvement of capacity of Cluster and its members. Activities in the congress were held on March 17th, 2015, while the NEXT Project workshop, together with PITCH event, was held the following day.

Within the congress, all NEXT Project representatives, that is, the innovative enterprises, had a chance to familiarize with each other, throughout the workshop on March 18th, 2015. Workshop was led by representatives of Italian regions, Puglia and Marche. In this occasion, Cluster was presented and mapped as one of reliable future partners in future initiatives, especially for the purposes of HORIZON 2020 program.

This meeting was used as an announcement of future cooperation in working on projects within this program, through a successful partnership established during realization of NEXT Project. It has been planned to make use of collaborative NEXT platform for communication among current partners of NEXT Project, as well as future ones, registered afterwards in partner countries or wider.

During the afternoon part of the congress, PITCH event was held, when each innovative company had an opportunity to promote its innovative idea to the investors within GEC 2015, during a five minute presentation. ICT Cluster of Central Serbia was also one of the companies presenting its innovative concept of informal education: Cluster Academy. The participants were presented with the current situation in the ICT sector in Serbia and the need for qualified programming staff needed in Serbia.

The program of the second day was completed with the evaluation of events and PITCH presentations that were made. The representative of Italian Marche region (leading partner on the NEXT project) at the end once again noted the importance of registration and use of NEXT IS platforms as a means of enhancing the intensive communication and collaboration on future initiatives.

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