Serbian Swedish Business Council started operating in Belgrade


In Belgrade, on May 14th, Thursday, Serbian Swedish Business Council officially opened, when officials conveyed the message about new technologies, agriculture, textile and metal industry being the fields where the improvement of an excellent cooperation

There are more than 70 companies with Swedish capital in Serbia, operating successfully, and the imminent opening of the long awaited company IKEA has been announced.

Ambassador of Sweden in Belgrade, Christer Asp, stated that this is a very important event in the overall relations between Serbia and Sweden, and especially in business relations.

- Serbia and Sweden do cooperate successfully, however, in order to achieve further improvement and move forward, an effort has to be made - said Asp on the premises of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, where Serbian-Swedish Business Council was held, approximately attended by 80 representatives from the two countries.

He reminded that, for many years, numerous Swedish companies have made business cooperation in Serbia, and added that for the last couple years there has been an increased interest of Swedish companies in the field of information technologies recorded.

- This certainly is the field where cooperation may be widen - Stated Asp, adding that IT sector is very important in Sweden and that it represents a pillar of economic development.

Asp pointed out that creating Serbian-Swedish business council is of high importance for further reinforcement of relations of the two countries, emphasizing that Sweden will provide absolute support before entering European Union, as well as later on.

President of CCIS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Serbia), Marko Čadež, highlighted that contacts have been intensified at all levels, and industry is always the main concern.

- Due to a modest scope of foreign trade between Serbia and Sweden, with constant deficit on our behalf, because of the needs of national industry for foreign investments and technological improvement of domestic production - Čadež pointed out.

He stated that at Swedish market there's a traditional need for alimentary products and textile, which represents a significant opportunity for industry of our country. To exemplify, he said that every second or third raspberry in Sweden is from Serbia.

Čadež added that energetics, metal industry, production of plastics and biomass heating boilers represent a perspective fields for future cooperation.

Head of CCIS announced that CCIS, in partnership with Swedish Camber Trade Swedeen, association is planning a visit of Serbian businessmen delegation to Sweden, this September.

Chief of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Communications, Zoran Malić, said that, among countries of Nordic region, Sweden is by far the most significant trade partner of Serbia.

- Total amount of merchandise trade last year was 220 millions Euros, and it was 20% higher than in 2013, which is quite encouraging, but it is still far below trading record in 2007 - Malić expressed.

He also added that the import-export ratio is below 30%, which is less than in the period of last three years and it has constantly been the lowest ratio in Europe.

Malić je rekao da je u prva tri meseca ove godine razmena između Srbije i Švedske 53,4 mil EUR, što je povećanje od osam odsto u odnosu na isti lanjski period, od čega je srpski izvoz 15 mil EUR i veći je za 33%.

- In case this trade would last by the end of the year, total amount of trading goods of 250 and 270 million Euros could be achieved - Malic highlighted, remarking that Sweden takes 17th place on the list of countries of European Union based on volume of trading goods exchanged with this country.

He specified that, in 2014, Serbia imported the largest amount of raspberries, parts for devices, tiers for cars into Sweden, whereas we bought paper, paperboard, road tractors, machine boxes...

Malić considers possible to improve merchandise trade, especially our import, by a quality offer, serious marketing business and by connecting with big trading chains.

Serbian-Swedish business cooperation was founded in March 2014, with support of Serbian Embassy in Sweden, with the aim of improving and developing investments and trades between the two countries.

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