Swedish ICT and Gaming Day in Niš


ICT Conference will be held on 29 April 2015 in Cultural center “Kupina” in Niš.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how the “neural interface” functions, why some states have “the boss of the Internet”, what can be seen through “oculus rift” and how the helmet changes color depending on the mood of the wearer.

The conference is organized by the Embassy of Sweden and NGO “Mladi ambasadori” (Young Ambassadors). On Swedish ICT and Gaming Day, lecturers from Serbia and Sweden will discuss latest trends in the field.

Representatives of the Embassy of Sweden chose Niš to be the venue since they concluded, based on their own country's example, that the development of those cities which are not the biggest in the country is the substantial one.

– In addition, in the next few years Europe will need millions of programmers, and they can come from any country or city, therefore we expect them to be from Niš. Best of all, they do not need to move in order to do that – says Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission at Swedish Embassy in Serbia Liselott Martynenko Agerlid.

Part of the conference will consist of series of lectures, and one lecture will be held by Swedish expert in social networks, employed as the “head of the Internet in Helsingborg” – Joakim Jardenberg. He will talk about his fulfillment of the most important task and that is to use the Internet in a way for the city to fulfill its potential.

Representatives of Ericsson, Seavus, Trox and Vet Cloud will be talking about business in Serbia and in Niš.

In addition to lectures, innovative workshops will be held and visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with virtual reality through revolutionary invention as the “oculus rift”.

Latest inventions in the filed of neural interface will be introduced to the visitors by scientist and lecturer Erik Einebrant from the Swedish Interactive Institute. During one of the workshops, children will have the opportunity to develop their creativity through games and programming adjusted to their age.

Attendance at the Swedish ICT and Gaming Day in Niš requires applying by filling out the form on the website of “NGO Mladi ambasadori” (Young Ambassadors).

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