WebPortal, New Member of ICT Cluster of Central Serbia


ICT Cluster of Central Serbia added another member, WebPortal, Software and Websites Development Agency from Kragujevac.

WebPortal as an internet brand was in business since 2005 and until 2009 it operated under the company SBS from Kragujevac, in the field of Internet development and marketing. Since June 2009, it has been operating as WebPortal, Software and Websites Development Agency. Within the Webportal brand there is a team successfully performing tasks in the field of online programming, marketing and graphic design, for many years The company is completely devoted to relations to clients and emphasizes the quality of its services. It optimized its web and hosting packages for the purposes of legal persons, as well as natural persons. The aim is, in addition to building its own image, to help its customers to adequately and in high quality present themselves to a wider specter of potential customers worldwide.

The company's headquarters is located in Kragujevac, therefore the geographic position itself, being in Central Serbia, provides excellent business communication and familiarity with all the companies in the country. From mid-2012, the company became available to customers in Western Europe, through partner companies in Switzerland, Germany and Spain, in accordance with pre-set goals. Besides the physical presence, the Internet as a global means of communication enables excellent connectivity and communication with companies from around the world.

WebPortal combines three services, grouped according to the types of jobs they are performing.

  • WebPortal Internet Solutions is responsible for making web presentations, programming and it represents the basis of the business. In addition to making complete presentation, the company is also engaged in the redesign of existing web sites.
  • WebPortal Hosting Solutions is engaged in hosting internet presentations and registration of domestic .rs and .срб domains, as well as international domains (.me, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .tv, fm, .mobi). In addition to the new domain registration and hosting, we are ready to provide you with very favorable conditions for the transfer of existing domains to our servers.
  • Web Portal Marketing Solutions is engaged in advertising on the Internet through advertising campaigns through Google AdWords and advertising on social networks via Facebook ADS, as well as advertising in local portals through local ad networks. In addition to standard services, it creates a complete marketing solution to its clients, starting from the logo, business cards, presentation products - catalogs or CDs, leaflets, brochures, advertising ...

The primary goal is to design a Web portal site that is graphically stimulating and effective and which will always be available to the final visitor. This is accomplished by carefully balancing between advanced technologies and rich content along with their optimization in order to perform complete site loading in minimum time.

More information on WebPortal can be found on the company's website.

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