World IT experts at a conference in Belgrade on May 23rd and 24th


IT experts from Facebook, Twitter, IBM and other large international companies, will speak at a large IT conference that will be held within ITCo

IT experts from Facebook, Twitter, IBM and other large international companies, from all around the world, will speak at a large IT conference that will be held within ITConnect on May 23rd and 24th at the “Crowne Plaza” Hotel in Belgrade.

What's the new Facebook framework on the market and how to use it to make applications on a global scale will be presented by one of the most successful Facebook developers. What awaits us in the future of one of the most popular programming languages, Java, what are the new tricks and examples of good practice, will be discovered by Adam Bien true champion and Java rock star at the ITConnect.

Ivan Erceg, who won one of the largest hackathons in the world in San Francisco, will explain how to achieve up to €250,000 in 44 hours and a new product. “Rails Girls” ladies will demonstrate how it looks like when women deal with the programming tools,  while representatives of the largest platforms for freelance employment in the world, Elance oDesk, discover tricks and tips on how to become a successful freelancer in Serbia.

How to develop games for virtual reality, what can go wrong when testing JavaScript applications, how (not) to ruin one's own startup, why should be an active member of the IT community, are some of the interesting topics that will be discussed at a conference within the ITConnect.

In addition to world-renowned experts from abroad, local IT experts as well as representatives of major IT community will speak at the conference. The entire conference program is available HERE.

Moreover, ITConnect will be held on May 23rd and 24th at the “Crowne Plaza” Hotel in Belgrade, and it will consist of three parts: First IT Job Fair, where large IT companies offer numerous jobs in IT, GameSpace, which will bring together all those interested in gaming, and IT Conference, where the great experts in the IT industry will be discussing the latest trends in IT.

Those interested in this event can already register via the website and create a free profile.

The main partner of the event is Microsoft Development Center Serbia, and jobs in the field of IT will be offered in Cosmic Development, Humanity, Manpower, Trizma, Telenor, eFront, Vast, Comtrade, Performance Technologies, DDOR Dunav Insurance, IBM, Young culture, Puzzle software, Vanco solutions and others. Main edu partner is Admin Training Center (ATC).

The goal of ITConnect is to gather in one place the highest quality IT professionals and initiate the creation of the largest IT groups in the country. This will be a starting point for creating a strong brand that will contribute to the promotion of IT in Serbia and encourage more qualified IT professionals and profiles that are in demand in the market, as it was said in the statement.

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