Poslednji poziv za Eleven Startup Accelerator MeetUp događaj u Nišu!


Posle uspešnog INNOV-A-THON pitching nadmetanja u Nišu, gde su kao rezultat dva startapa dobila finansiranje od po 30.000 evra, imate još jednu priliku da Vaši projekti dobiju finansiranje do 200.000 evra.

After successful INNOV-A-THON pitching competition in Niš, where as a result two startup received eur 30,000 of funding, here is another opportunity for your projects to get supported with up to EUR 200,000 of investment.

This is the last call for Pre-selection day for Eleven Accelerator Venture fund in Niš! Event will be held on March 03, 2015. at Deli centar Niš, Balkanska 2 (Kupina), 11:00 AM

On behalf of our partner organization, Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund, we would like to invite you to an exclusive event for start-up entrepreneurs and innovators. Join us on a one-day idea pitching event to qualify innovative start-ups and technologies for funding, support and participation in the Eleven accelerator from Sofia. This will be one and only application window this year for startups to join the Eleven program.

More details about Eleven Fund and the event Eleven MeetUp in Niš are attached.

Entrance is free, so please register ONLY if you wish to do your pitch.

For all inquiries  and questions, please contact Ivan Vesic, CEO of VetCloud, UK/Serbian company that already received funding from Eleven at ivan@vetcloud.co, or Teodora Mircheva, Investments Projects Manager at Eleven, at teddy@11.me

Registration is until 1. March 2015. Please register here http://goo.gl/9y1JsP ONLY if you do your pitch.

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